Doing art and stuff.

2008-07-18 04:46:20 by twistr

Well, I am doing art now. Not focusing on much music anymore. Trying to improve my creativity.

I made a comic series: "Poorly Drawn Comics"

Poorly Drawn Comics

also, my deviantArt:

I also did a fan-art for SirSloth, idea taken from "New, From Apple!", one of my favorite flashes on here.

Doing art and stuff.

New thoughts

2008-07-11 02:08:45 by twistr

I am not really into doing much "animation" during my life on Newgrounds, because I found a new love: The Audio Portal. I love music more than anything. Music is my life.

Music to me, is a language that keeps me going and keeps me in different moods. It's motivation to me. Though I am not a good music-maker, I try practicing with my electric piano. I may even do some recordings of me playing it. Right now, I got one audio submission that I made using FL Studio (which I uninstalled quickly after I made the song)

Right now, I am currently all music. I still will do flash voting and flash reviews, but I am deciding not to animate.


Hi there.

2008-06-20 14:31:24 by twistr

My name is Matt. I am an ameteur animator (if even ameteur even cuts it). I like to do animations every once in a while to spark my creativity and make something worth-while. I joined NewGrounds for the basic purpose of that. I love to play video games 24/7, but I do have to use the internet as well to do my real work. SO, I'm not very great with animation, but of course, we all learn to get better.